5 Effects of Unemployment to Community

Most developing countries suffer from a common disease known as unemployment. Unemployment is a state where individuals are willing to work but have no work to do. This means that people do not have a steady source of income to make ends meet.

Unemployment has several effects on the community as discussed below;

1. Conflict over tax rise.

When the government has a high population of unemployed people, it is forced to make some tax decisions that bring issues in the community’s government has to satisfy its budget, so it ends up increasing the tax being paid by the few who are employed. This puts a country at crossroads since the people may become too unruly to some extent.

2. Increased crime rate.

When there is unemployment, the affected group must look for alternative ways to bring food on the table. They, therefore, go against the law by committing crimes such as armed robbery, hijacking, kidnapping, etc. Drug trafficking also increases.

3. Increase in Suicide cases.

The frustration that comes with unemployment is what increases in suicide cases. The mental and psychological torture due to the stigma of being unemployed and not able to afford your basic needs makes some people hopeless; therefore, they end up making drastic decisions to take their own lives.

4. Political instability.

When a population is suffering from unemployment, they end up losing their faith in the administration of the country. Resistance from the population increases and the government finds it hard to govern its people. The citizens also lose faith in democratic governance.

5. Conflicts in homes.

Unemployment also results in endless conflicts in homes. No being in a position to bring something on the table is the cause of so many arguments and disagreements at home. If not controlled, these arguments are watt results in divorce cases.

Unemployment is a disease that every country should try to fight in all possible ways to maintain peace in the community.